Friday, June 7, 2013

Martha Stewart's New Gig

Martha Stewart Line at JC Penney

I am a HUGE Martha fan. I've written about it before, and won't bore you with the details. But my kitchen is all Martha's line from Macy's. It's my one brand indulgence. I love every one of her products I own (except the ceramic cookware, I'll save that for another). So I was worried when I heard Macy's was suing her because of her new lines at JC Penney. Tonight we checked out JC Penney and I snuck a few pictures...

The lighting line is absolutely amazing. I did not get any pics of my favorite lamps. But they are funky and classy. The prices are not bad at all, either. I would compare the prices to the new items at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. 

And of course I was in love with all this white.....

This is the first celeb line display that actually looks just like the promo pictures....these displays are amazing! They are arranged in separate lines so you can see how they will go together in your home. 

The Jonathan Adler products

The party and gift area!!!

The thing I love about this line is that it's so different from Martha's usual products. It's less Macy's influenced and more modern and sleek. 


  1. Nice (and sneaky) photos! Hey, have you visited IKEA in Atlanta yet? Methinks you might enjoy it. PS: Did I mention that "Ellison, Number 9" is the most awesome blog title ever?

  2. Wow, those *are* gorgeous! It actually makes me want to check out J.C.Penney, which is something I usually avoid.

  3. Thanks, Karen! I am an IKEA addict, if the stuff in my house is not from flea markets, it's from IKEA. The Atlanta one is superb! Christina, I agree, JC often left me with a bad taste in my mouth, I just didn't like it. It has changed for the better, believe me. I'm a little bit in love!

  4. We should all go on a road trip to IKEA! Whoohoo! And maybe Paris on the Ponce which is also in Atlanta. I've never been to the latter but it sounds like a really cool place. I love your blog Sierra! It's so inspiring and much more entertaining to me than Pinterest!

  5. By the way, I was going to mention when I read this earlier that it seems to me that JC Penny's got their new layout ideas from IKEA. I'm glad that Penny's is upgrading their store which it needed desperately I just wonder if the Columbus store is big enough to accommodate this modern way of showcasing.