Monday, June 3, 2013

Home Junk

For Memorial Day weekend, we loaded up the pup and headed home for a few rushed days of family time. At 10 hours each way, this is no relaxing task, but it had been 6 months since we had seen our parents and it was just time. Was it tiring? Yes. Did we please everyone who wanted to see us? No. Was it worth it? Hell yeah. We had such a good time with our parents and catching up. Ollie got to meet everyone, as well. Along with quality family enjoyment, I came home with a few thrift spoils. Now don't get me wrong, Columbus, Georgia has all the charm you'd expect from a shitty river town in the deep south that recently had a dose of development steroids. We have all the new malls and boutiques you can handle. The historical district has breathtaking southern homes and a wonderful downtown with beer breweries and market days on the weekends. But here's the downfall for me: the thrifting and antiques here suck. I don't know if they are picked over or just hiding in southern belles' homes waiting to be revealed. But it sucks. So I had to go to my favorite flea market in Altamont, Il while we were home. If only for a rainy 45 minutes. Here's what I found:

     Hall tea pot. $10 (above and below) My sister-in-law and I bought matching ones!
 Silver candy dish (tarnish resistant finish my butt!) $3
 1953 Empire pitcher. $10

Scout Finch Tote Bag

Now. To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite book. Ever.
My maid of honor, Lindsey A Eubank, got this tote for me as a birthday gift. She had to point out Scout's little face in her ham costume, as I just thought it was a ham tote bag, which would have been hilarious anyways.  And I love it.


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    1. I just had to re read this post and edit it. I can tell I'm ready to move home! haha