Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lumpkin, Georgia

I was lucky enough to get to spend Tuesday on the Chattahoochee Valley Library Digital Bookmobile. This is a motorhome-like bus full of books and computers for public use. It travels to the outer counties of our library system who do not have library branches available to them. We were stationed in Lumpkin, GA this day. Lumpkin used to have a branch, but the row of building it was in has been taken over by black mold. This is a common thing in older buildings in the south due to the humidity. Below are some photos I took of my day. This is the beautiful town square around the courthouse in Lumpkin.

Singer Company
Was the oldest hardware store in Georgia before closing a few years ago due to black mold.

The Old Lumpkin Library
Beautiful library branch, also closed a few years ago. 

Beautiful green windows, love the architectural details. 

Lumpkin Courthouse
Recently renovated, it used to have a clocktower on top. Reminds me so much of the courthouse in To Kill A Mockingbird

Abandoned store. Love the clouds we had.

What I wouldn't do for a few of these window boxes! These are all along the windows of the square.

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