Sunday, June 9, 2013

Columbus Market Days

Luckily, Columbus has a kick ass "Farmer's" Market. I put farmer's in quotations because this market has so much more than peaches and tomatoes. Saturdays on Broadway St from 9-12.

Tara browsing the booth that profits third world trade artists. She bought the cutest braided bracelet.

 My favorite stand. The goat cheese lady! She also has goat milk, soap and lotions.

Ollie sharing kisses and tail wags with a new friend.

The new bread stand. Gorgeous olive loafs, crusty french breads and enormous croissants. From scratch. Real butter. Sighhh.

These dish flowers reminded me of my Mamaw. I thought Tara was going to buy a whole bouquet of them. 

 One of the bountiful vegetable stands. I love the galvanized buckets.

 Tara and Ollie being patient with me as I snap pics.

 A sub-par view of the crowd. It does not do it justice.

 Iron Bank Coffee. In an old bank, hence the name. The architecture is so intricate.  

 Cute uptown shops.

The American Wildflower stand. She has some great ideas and does custom pillows

And just a random door. I was intrigued by the parallel architecture of the transom windows and decorative molding below the picture windows.