Friday, June 14, 2013

Currently at Apartment 9...MOLD

Currently the Ellisons are living in a hotel. 
This is a story of mold. 

I had always heard about black mold and all the problems that came with it on my house shows. Long story short, Jordan and I have been sick with allergies since I moved down here. I just assumed it was the Georgia pollen. If you have lived here, you know the kind I'm talking about. If you didn't have a yellow car before, you do now. Anyway, last Friday night it dawned on me that maybe that leak in the laundry closet was more? We looked and this is what we found..

We learned that our AC is from a million years ago. It was made in America, if that tells you anything.

The wood platform that holds the oldie AC is wet and rotten...

And these little friends are growing on our walls. Yummy.

This can't be good, right?

So the next day we called the property manager and she came by. She took the same pictures we did, and I sent her these and more. She moved us to the hotel. 

That was a week ago.

Our landlord is waiting to get an official mold test back from "their company". We did some tests of our own.

Results at 48 hours:

Results at 72 hours:

We are growing a baby! See the hair? Just kidding, mom. 

So we are still waiting and living the "suite life". I did find a few things in the Target dollar section today:

And Ollie has made a new friend

And so has Jordan

Until next time

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