Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thrifty Thrifterson

Thrift finds from the past few weeks...
I cannot wait to have a (large, old, fabulous) house to put these treasures in! Wait, wasn't I in the same exact position last year? 

little typewriter table for $10!

Originally, I thought I would use it as a night stand, but here I am doing teacher things on it. 

My first cloth napkins!!! Swoooon!

Aaaaaaaaand More milk glass.... :D

Some cutie little felt veggies. Little did I know, these puppies are going for $50 ^ on Etsy...

Check out these suhweeet pharmacy jars! Those tags are glass.

This 1904 Victrola 300 Talking Machine (without the talking machine, or early record player)
I am going to use it as a TV stand, as our free one is now dilapidated and may not be holding a TV much longer. The middle back panel comes out, for cords and all that good stuff.

This one isn't mine, obviously, but this is what it would have looked like back in the day, before it was customized. Yeah, we will call it that. 

Found this in the cabinet!!

Also, check out these awesome fetus projects that my kids did!!! They may not look like much,  but to me, these are art projects worthy of display.

Strawberry Shampoo amniotic fluid

Until next time,
 Ollie enjoying fall

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