Monday, September 2, 2013

First Week of First Year: Check.

Week 1: Done.
After a very nice weekend, I started my first ever week of teaching in my own classroom. 
Monday: Did paperwork and got fingerprinted. 
Stress level: low
Tuesday: Sat in on the sub (who was so helpful) and dug into my classroom and started to go through things. Getting first day materials ready.
Stress level: moderate
Wednesday: First day of "class". Made it to school by 6:30 am. Did presentation on myself, classroom boundaries, words of wisdom etc. Played a few get to know you games. Then I really started digging into planning curriculum. Panic sets in. She was teaching things I don't really understand nor thing the kids need to be learning in Foods I. I'm talking esophagus juices and all. So thank God for Amy Moan, who sent me some presentations I was familiar with so I could have something to teach until I get a grip. 
Stress level: raging hormonal hunger and exhaustion and overwhelmingly lost
Thursday: Checked book numbers, went through a few more cabinets, met some teacher friends and hung posters. (posters were printed off Pinterest and laminated, teacher cheapo chic) graded papers and entered grades. 
Stress level: so overwhelmed I had to go to pass out and put it off.
Friday: Started presentations and actual lessons. The kids took a few notes, we had awesome discussions. The weird part was the second I started teaching, actually teaching, the stress washed away and I felt the rush of being in front of a class and seeing all of those brains working and processing new information. It is truly a moment that only a teacher can love and be comforted by. People tell me all the time that I won't understand having children until I am a mother and things like that, which I totally agree with and look forward to. Teaching is a little like that. You stress, prep, copy, laminate, cut, tape, type, hole punch, write, panic, start over, throw away the 50 rough drafts, grade, grade again, grade again, write down grades, enter grades, I could go on and on. But when you see the eyes on you and know that as an FCS teacher, especially, that they have not learned this before, it truly is a proud and fulfilling moment. It's a puzzle piece that falls into place. Those are my kids and I already love them. I get choked up thinking about them, which is just me being psycho and emotionally insane, but I take it seriously. In my care I have 15-22 kids at one time (89 total throughout the day). These kids are someone's entire world. I get the gravity of that, and I try my hardest to treat them how I want my nephew and future children to be treated.
Stress level: changed to positive motivation

Ignore my sappy emotional outpouring. Blame it on being away from my husband and puppy child and all of my things. I'm a little unstable but getting better. Most of all I am so incredibly happy and relieved and thankful for this crazy life. 

Here are some pics of my very first classroom.

I lied. These are TEACHER KEYS

It's a work in progress. That clutter has to go. Like soon. But I figured the kids are the first priority so anal retention and organization will wait. Gah.

I miss this girl more than words can say. Jordan sent me these today. 

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