Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rambling Chaos

So this past year has GOT to be the most chaotic year of my life. Hopefully for the rest of it. Since a year ago today, I:
  • Finished student teaching at Red Hill (shout out to Amy, Lindy and Elizabeth!)
  • Graduated from college
  • Moved out of my childhood home
  • Moved myself, 3 vehicles and a giant uhaul of belongings to Georgia on New Years Eve
  • Moved into our first home (Moldy Number 9)
  • Was a housewife for a bit
  • Adopted Ollie
  • Got a job at the library (hissssssss, shoutout to Christina, Grace, Amy and Karen)
  • Started a Job Information Lab at the library
  • Celebrated our 1 year anniversary (phewwww, the things they say about the first year are TRUE! Good and bad)
  • Stumbled upon a teaching job in Illinois
  • Flew home last minute on a Wednesday, Interviewed Thursday, Accepted a job on Friday, Started on Monday
  • Currently I am living half time between my parents in law's home and my parents'
  • Adopted a highway kitty
  • Finished my first month of teaching (still smiling)
  • And as of today, WE GOT PRE APPROVED TO BUY A HOUSE!
  • Tomorrow I am looking at my first home with a realtor
These may seem like tiny, simple steps to people who have been adults for a while, but I'm a newby, and this is big stuff to us. Pray for my sanity and anxiety levels. We want a small-medium old old old house (pre 1940's). I'm a sucker for some dark hardwood floors, giant molding, wear and tear patina, plaster walls, floor to ceiling windows, you just can't replicate those things. Here is the house we are looking at tomorrow. It may not lead anywhere, chances are it won't, but it being the first house I am looking at, it's a milestone. To a normal person, it would be like buying your first car. It's THAT much of an obsession. Swooooon. 

Are you in love yet? I am.

In other news, I went to the good ol' Altamont flea market last weekend and picked up some treasures!

$5 Fabulous Frame!

$5 Fishing basket for my love. It kind of has a decorative quality, doesn't it? Hmmm the things I could do....

Some things I am pining over but could not afford at the moment....

This beeeeeauty is $225 and I am DYING for a glass door hutch to display my collection of milk glass. Cue single tear.

I love this guy. I am not a fan of new appliances, and yes, I know how weird that is. I just don't need the gadgets and popcorn/potato buttons on everything. Plus it has a built in deep fryer! (this is a plus to Jordan, a minus for me. I think that's disgusting.)

Here is my previously mentioned highway kitty:

Before/After (1 week)

Now (1 week 2 days)

I found little Blue on the way to work. Bright an early at 6:30 am on a Monday morning. She's pretty lucky I had my eyes open enough to even see her. I was on old highway 40 and came up on the Blue Mound bar, about 2 miles from my house. I saw a little black thing stumbling in the road, getting blown around by semis and motorhomes. I thought it was a rat, and was initially grossed out to the max. Then I saw it was a kitty and had a mini heartattack. I whipped into a driveway and turned around and scooped her up. When I say she was 2 seconds from getting smashed, I mean it. When I grabbed her, I was shocked and disgusted, it looked like she had no eyeballs. There was a white lid covering them and green goo seeping out. So I raced her home, Cindy, Jay and I doctored her up and made her a nursery on the screened in porch. She blindly was climbing everything in (not) sight. We knew she was a little spunk from the start. 2 days later I took her to the vet and she has been on medicine ever since and is healing beautifully! All 5 weeks and 8oz of her. I originally was going to give her away. You can see how far I got with that. 

Last weekend I took some fall pictures of Ollie, she's such a good model!

Thank you for reading my rambling, chaotic life.
Until next time.

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