Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Foodventures

My husband loves to say that I don't cook anymore. And I'll admit, I don't cook nearly as much as I used to. I miss it. Before I found my job, I could keep laundry caught up, clean the house, walk the puppy, prepare dinner and wear makeup. Let's be honest, none of those things really happen anymore. That's just life in America, I guess. Sometimes I wonder when I have time to breathe. Thus forms the food and cleaning weekends. This weekend we:

Friday: went to the cheap movie theatre ($5 for both! It's the little things) and ate out.
Saturday: I made biscuits and gravy (J calls them B and Gs), home made pizza for dinner and brownies. The brownies went with us to a house party we attended. Still warm. Sighhh. 
Sunday: Ate breakfast out, took Ollie to visit some dog friends, and did a little shopping at Target, or heaven, and Fresh Market. 

The only problem with Fresh Market is this: it looks really healthy and fancy. Then you get to the giant cheese selection. I mean wheels the size of muddin' tires. All butter croissants, gelato and barrels of chocolates. Olive bar, wine corner and black cherry soda. So it's a foodie heaven. Then you check out and you realize you have filled your cart with these things and are poor newly weds. That still counts as a date though, right?

Pizza Recipe
This is how I make pizza. I'm not saying it's the right way. I'm not saying I do everything perfectly or it always turns out amazing. But most of the time, it's pretty damn good. 

I start with dough: I usually make it from scratch, let it rise forever and ever, beat the shit out of it, so on. But this time I bought the Pubix deli premade dough ball. I roll out my dough with a glass because I don't have a rolling pin.

While the dough is prepping, I sautee whatever needs it. We like baby bellas and carmelized onions. I use real butter and brown sugar to carmelize. I think the molasses sets it off. Jordan likes me to add sausage, which I had precooked from the B and Gs.

Here's where it gets weird...
We love ricotta. We love pesto. I was out of ricotta and needed a substitute for white sauce. I mixed these together and found out that the sour cream turns into a ricotta like texture when baked. 

The cheese I use is a block of whole milk mozzarella sliced/chunked into pieces and placed on like a mosaic. Then add toppings. 

Take in the yum!

Then baked at 400 until it's done and......

It's not pretty. It spilled over. But it tasted amazing. 

And it's sneaky. Where are you going?

Notice I didn't add measurements or amounts. This is because I believe everyone likes their pizza different. We try new toppings all the time. That's the fun of pizza!

Next is the garlic pork roast...our store always has little pork roasts on sale. I buy up the clearance ones and freeze them for crock pot taco meat. But this time I tried something new. I actually hate roasts, so this was for Jordan. It's pretty self explanatory.


Last but not least, we had a fruity weekend. 

Until next weekend foodventure!

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