Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabulous Children's Books

All of this back to school bustle, friends having babies, pregnant or sending their little ones to school has me in the school mode full force. Since I am not currently teaching, I will help myself to some blog therapy. And working at a library gives me the chance to creep the best book selections and spend a lot of time reading children's books. So....

Baby Books

 Babylit - Adult classics in baby board book form.

Just try and tell me those are not the cutest book you've ever seen...

Cozy Classics-Yet more baby versions of adult classics, only felt characters. Etsy meets books?

 Beatrix Potter-  I have always loved her book art and morals of the stories. So comforting. I think her art would make beautiful nursery decorations.


 Charley Harper - Last and my favorite artist of all time. His view of nature and every day objects is just mind blowing.

 Above is my favorite print in the whole world. I have a thing for skulls, what can I say? Luckily, so does Jordan.


Dog Heaven - This one is a tearjerker but so worth it to help heal the loss of a pet. (adults included)

In Our Mothers' House- I found this book by mistake. A woman brought it up to me to return and was appalled that we would have this book where children can see it. So I read the book to see what the fuss was about. The book depicts a lesbian couple who adopt and parent an ethically diverse group of children. The family is extremely happy and the children grow up to be successful and have families of their own. I don't really see her point of it being appalling or wrong but potatoes potaaaaatoes I guess.

Where the Wild Things Are- This is a classic, and I feel like the book is very different from the movie.

 Eric Carle Books- Like Charley Harper, I love love love Carle's art. It's so unique and interesting. He has tons of books available.

What is your go-to Children's book for gifting or your own child?

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